Ordinary Paradise: Essays on Art and Culture

Ordinary Paradise

“While representing the best of human endeavor, works of art have become ordinary features of our lives, familiar and reliably present,” writes Richard Teleky. “They are, however, extraordinary. So extraordinary, in fact, that in themselves they are a kind of paradise.”

In Ordinary Paradise, acclaimed author, critic and editor Richard Teleky considers what it means to be engaged with a variety of artistic forms–literature, music, film and the visual arts–and to celebrate the extraordinary power that creative accomplishment can have on our daily lives.

The essays in Ordinary Paradise challenge conventional wisdom and exemplify a dynamic and lively critical approach, pointing out troubling trends in contemporary appreciation of art and culture. They reveal the rewarding complexities of the demanding art of translation, the nostalgic power of rereading in provoking self-assessment, and the fraught connection between language, silence and identity as they relate to marginalized voices. Teleky immerses himself into ideas of truth, beauty and humanity, and in so doing, provides a compelling exemplar for engaging with contemporary culture and learning the innumerable lessons that artistic accomplishments have to teach us.



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