The Dog on the Bed: A Canine Alphabet

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The Dog on the Bed is an ideal introduction to the world of dogs—to who they are, how we live with them, and how they have been represented in our culture. Using the classic form of the alphabet book—the abecedarian—Teleky explores fascinating aspects of the human/dog bond to show how it has defined our traditions and us as a species. We are human, he says, because of our dogs.

Readers can start at the beginning, with Anthropomorphism, and go on to engaging thoughts about such subjects as Childhood Dogs, Emotions, Fiction, Food, Gardens, Humour, Loyalty, Movies, Painting, Photography, Rescue Missions, Second Dogs, Veterinarians, War and Yapping, to end with Zoli, a remembrance of the author’s beloved pug. Or they can jump in at a point of special interest. From the most recent ideas about canine evolution and animal rights to the way dogs have inspired musicians, animal behaviourists, writers of every genre and even entrepreneurs, Teleky’s reflections are never less than fascinating.

The Dog on the Bed is the perfect book for all dog lovers, whether they are welcoming a new puppy into the family, looking freshly at a familiar companion, or marking the passing of a treasured friend. Readers will enjoy comparing their personal experiences with Teleky’s as his eloquent book leads us to a deeper understanding of our canine companions and to a richer appreciation of the bond shared by humans and dogs.

Praise for The Dog on the Bed

“For dog-loving readers who like to browse, The Dog on the Bed is the perfect pasture. It is filled with facts, philosophy, observations, and personal stories focusing on how the ancient bond that humans have had with dogs has shaped our culture and even changed the nature of our species. It is just the right book to meander through on a lazy afternoon with your furry best friend by your side.”
– Stanley Coren, author of Born to Bark, How Dogs Think, and others

“There is not a page of this book that does not scintillate with some startling insight into the soul of the dog. I cannot imagine anyone who loves dogs not finding it as instructive, entertaining and deep as I did.”
– Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, author of Dogs Never Lie About Love, and others                 

“A wonderful book for literate dog-lovers, guaranteed to make you laugh, remember and think about all the other books the author visits during this delightful ramble through history and culture with canine companions.”
– Anna Porter, author of Ghosts of Europe, Storyteller, and others

“Anyone who loves dogs or interesting, eloquent writing will love Richard Teleky’s The Dog on the Bed: A Canine Alphabet.”
– Ray Robertson, author of Gently Down the Stream, and others

The Dog on the Bed is the perfect gift for the person who loves nothing more than curling up with a good book and a great dog.”
Dogs in Canada

“A beautifully written abecedarian…will delight sophisticated readers who appreciate well-crafted, thoughtful essays about dogs… He [Teleky] eloquently examines aspects of the bond between dogs and humans…carefully chosen topics…Literary readers will want to curl up with their dog on the bed with this book.”
– Library Journal

“A great book, a wealth of information.”
– CBC Radio 1, “The Link”

“Teleky has succeeded in his ambitious project to thoughtfully catalogue Canis lupis familiari, and ensure that those of us with a dog on the bed – and perhaps those without – are able to understand the species’ vital place in the literary and cultural canon.”
– Quill & Quire

“Deeply moving…It is one of the merits of this lively, illuminating and intensely intelligent book that no one will be inclined to underestimate the richness of a dog’s interior life after reading it.”
The National Post

The Dog on the Bed is an ideal introduction for those new to dog companionship, covering as it does nearly every aspect of the human-canine relationship in one easy-to-digest volume. But it is also good fun for old hands, and a sort of refresher course for those who have done a lot of their own reading…His 65 short essays, illustrated by 20 or so black-and-white drawings, are always engaging and sometimes downright fascinating.”
The Globe and Mail

“Short, well-researched essays…The alphabetic structure not only allows Teleky to examine a wide range of subjects, but also permits easy yet informative reading…The author’s background in humanities and fiction lends the book a friendly and far-reaching aspect.”
The Walrus

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