The Hermit Says Goodbye

Hermit-TelekyThe Hermit Says Goodbye completes the triptych Richard Teleky began with The Hermit’s Kiss, followed by The Hermit in Arcadia. Exploring the nature of love, loss, solitude and mortality, he asks what people can be to each other and what they are for themselves. As the hermit quests for understanding, he revels in—and meditates on—what he world has to tell us and what we might do with that knowledge.

“This book is a poet’s farewell—to a time, a world, a life. Richard Teleky writes: ‘Death will always be with us…/I cannot fall in love/with it, no matter how I try.’ With quiet clarity and grace, he makes his peace with what we cannot let go of and must, even as it slips away. The poems gather what matters.”—Anne Michaels

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